Technical Information for ZarYevka Ballet:

For Schools:

Parking: We will arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before the presentation. We will need to back up to the gym doors to unload heavy scenic. Please have any gates unlocked in advance.

Performance Space: Setting-up and warming-up will take one hour in the performance space, usually a gym. We will need one working power outlet.

Flooring: We travel with a floor to roll out, so we can dance on with any/all gymnasium floors.

Lights: We travel with our own lighting, so please be ready to advise us on how to dim gymnasium lights.

Sound: We travel with our own sound system, no need to provide any equipment.

For Theatres:

Move-in: Our set-up takes approximately 1 hour and 15, including rolling out our marley. We can adjust for stages as small as 20’x15’, we just need stage measurements in advance so we can plan. Unusually shaped stages may require slightly more move-in time for adjusting scenic.

Floor: We dance on a roll-out marley surface. If you have one available, wonderful! If not, we will bring our touring marley with us.

Lighting: A short cue sheet will be provided in advance. Our shows are designed to be effective touring schools and community halls that don’t have elaborate lights; a 15 minute tech-in is usually sufficient for our simple light plan.

Sound: Our shows are pre-recorded as one complete track, so the sound technician need only hit play and let it run the length of the show. We will provide it on both iPod and CD for back-up.

Change Space: All changes are quick-changes which take place in the wings or behind scenic. If you have dressing rooms available for pre and post-show, wonderful! If not, we are used to changing in wings or crossovers.